Rachael Valencia is a firm believer that “the Pilates Method is an infinite system to not only heal the physical body, but to discover the wisdom and power that is unleashed as a result”. After 33 years of training herself and others in such disciplines as martial arts, body building and dance, she realizes how invaluable the Pilates Principles have become to her quality of life. After a couple of debilitating car accidents she soon realized that, “The doctors couldn’t help me, they didn’t know how to put my body back together and couldn’t even understand how I was enduring so much pain.” By focusing on her Pilates practise she was able to heal and achieve a full transformation of body, mind and spirit.

Rachel received her comprehensive Pilates certification from BASI (Body Arts & Science International). Her awareness of infinite healing is one of the main aspects she brings to the attention of people of all ages, sizes and color. “There is no person I cannot help, as long as they’re willing. The Pilates Method is the system I use to facilitate others in discovering more of what the body is capable of.  I continue to study possibilities that this practice brings.”