Lulu Martinez is a native Angeleno who became an advocate for health and fitness at an early age, due to being raised by an athlete. She has always been fascinated by holistic health and Eastern medicine, which led her to enroll at the National Holistic Institute. After being a massage therapist for seven years she began to explore other healing  modalities, due to a sports injury. Lulu found Pilates to be grounding, healing, challenging, body transforming, and the perfect addition to her massage practice. Since completing training with Risa Shepard at “Shepard Method Pilates” in 2009, Lulu has worked for chiropractors, healing centers, Pilates studios, and her own private practice. “I find Pilates to be both personally empowering and the most disciplined fitness program I have ever encountered. Whether you’re an athlete, dancer working through an injury, busy Mom, or simply a fitness enthusiast, I believe Pilates is for everyone. My mission is to teach classes with the intention helping my clients to feel interconnected with their bodies, health, stress  relief, and self awareness.” She has several years of experience in fitness, physical therapy, and holistic nutritional consulting. Lulu is very enthusiastic about joining the X-Treme Pilates Team, and looks forward to meeting everyone.