Julie Bond Rhyne

Q:  What if I’m already certified in Mat and Reformer.  Do I still need to take the XTP Mat and Reformer training?

A:  No.  As long as you have traditional training from a reputable school (must have directors permission) you may bypass the mat and reformer portion of the training. Keep in mind, much of our hands on training and anatomy is interspersed throughout the course.

 Q:  What if I’m already a fully certified Pilates Instructor and I want to attend the XTP Instructor Course.   Is there a discount?

A.  Yes.  Instructors who have completed a Full Pilates Certification Program (must meet PMA requirements) may attend the XTP course for a 50% discount.

Q.  What if I want to get Certified in Reformer only?

A.   You must take the XTP Anatomy and Mat Course.  Mat work is the foundational work for all apparatus.

Q.  What happens if I can’t attend one of the course weekends?

A.  You will be responsible for the course material missed.  We offer the option of working with a fellow classmate or purchasing a private session with a qualified XTP staff member.

Q.  Why don’t you offer a Comprehensive (all apparatus) 450 hour Pilates Certification Course?

A.   At this time, we are a specialized group class reformer studio (although we offer privates), so emphasizing other apparatuses at this time is not effective.

Q.  What if I have a certification in Mat Pilates?  Do I have to take the XTP Mat Certification again to teach at XTP?

A.   No. You can bypass the Mat Certification Course but you must take the remaining courses (Anatomy/ Reformer/ and XTP integration) to be qualified to teach.  You will need to present Mat Certification to Course Director)